If you want to exhibit your products and services at with us you will find here all the necessary information to enroll your company for the exhibition.


Check the documentation below to exhibit your products and/or services at Qualifica 2024.


We offer a wide range of marketing tools to highlight your presence at Qualifica’24:

Communication of participation on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) to a community of more than 12,000 students and professionals in the education sector.

In this publication you can include your logo or a photo of your choice and a short description of the institution/company.

Presence in newsletters for a community of about 20,000 learners and education professionals.

In this newsletter you can include your logo or a photo of your choice, as well as a short description of your institution/company.

There is also the possibility to send exclusive newsletters. To find out more, see the advertising guide.

Presence on the E+E Qualifica Platform, a digital platform designed to create a global ecosystem and strengthen relations between visitors and exhibitors, where exhibitors can post:

  • Description of the institution/company;
  • Presentation videos;
  • 5 products and services available;
  • Contacts and digital platforms.


We live in an increasingly automated economy, where it is estimated that by 2025 around 85 million jobs could be done by machines. “This does not mean that professions as we know them today will be extinct, but they will certainly be transformed and will have, in the man-machine partnership, the main vector of change”, says Sidney Zamel, director of marketing and products at Dell in Brazil.

In a study involving 26 economies (representing more than 70% of GDP) and 15 industries, it is estimated that more than 97 million new jobs may appear. Among these, there are professions that stand out: from artificial intelligence, to digital marketing, to user experience and digital law, there will be many changes in the labour market.

As such, education and the way young people look at the labour market changes daily, and educational institutions must keep abreast of future trends:

  • Immersive Education
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalised Learning
  • Nanolearning
  • Continuous Education


  • High loyalty;
  • 13 years promoting the education sector;
  • Direct contact with the market;
  • Low cost per contact;
  • Strong notoriety;
  • Largest fair in the north of the country;
  • High visitation;
  • Stage of the main schools and universities;
  • Support and collaboration of the various public institutions;
  • Activities, demonstrations and shows;
  • Media coverage;
  • Live experiences on stage and stands;
  • High relational index.


  • Public and private universities;
  • Polytechnic Institutes;
  • Vocational training centres;
  • Professional schools;
  • Private schools;
  • Public education and training institutions;
  • Vocational guidance;
  • Recreational activities;
  • Educational and didactic material companies;
  • Employment.


  • Professionals from the education sectors;
  • Teachers of regular education and vocational training;
  • Psycho-pedagogues/ counsellors and advisors;
  • Social educators;
  • Parents’ associations;
  • Cultural and educational associations;
  • Parents and carers;
  • Students.


Qualifica carries out several communication activities to publicize the fair and the exhibitors present at the fair:

  • Sending press releases;
  • Personalised contact with the media;
  • Development of partnerships with the media;
  • Presence in television programmes;
  • Dynamisation of facebook and instagram;
  • Thematic communication;
  • Dynamics with secondary schools.